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One line meets another, becomes a shape, one space, two, three

forms landscapes, worlds, characters. They tell me one thing, 

but you may see something else.

What you encounter here is the result of

my process during these past months.

My project is about trying to release control and rely on the process.

 My plan has been to not have a plan.  

I have been working spontaneous and intuitive, my body has been my tool.

The hardest part has been to not judge the result, 

the result is not important, 

what’s important is the process and the moment of making.


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Arkitektur existerar inte utan oss.

Rum och platser finns inte när vi inte är där. 

Arkitektur är ingenting i sig själv,

den är relationell.

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Lija Silins.jpg
Lija Silins.jpg

You don’t have to understand everything.

When you stop trying, it will become clear.


Rummen jag ser idag,

ser annorlunda ut imorgon.

ingenting är statiskt.

Bestämmer jag,

dör rummen.


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Architecture and spaces are nothing within themselves,

they don’t exist without us.

Spaces are relations, it’s in the meeting architecture becomes.

The process continues during the exhibition,

you as a visitor are welcome to become a part of it.



För mig är rum så tydliga i sin otydlighet.

Det känns orättvist att avgränsa dom.